To Progressive Loharz

Brand Energy.

Our facility houses the latest technology and equipment, in modern purpose built facilities which along with our engineering team and flexible workforce make Progressive Loharz the High Tech Engineering whenever and wherever expertise and skills.

Quality Objectives

"TPL - The Progressive Loharz engaged in the work of fabrication, machining and development of variety of steel structures and manufacturing of equipment’s is committed to" Maintain and continuously improve the quality of product and attaining market leadership through enhancing customer satisfaction. Strive to improve the quality of operations and activities so as to meet customer’s satisfaction and focus on continual improvement to meet all the customers need and expectations.

About TPL

The Progressive Loharz is a proprietorship company was incorporated on 2001 by Muhammad Naeem, Chief Executive. Initially the company has started with site fabrication, machining and development jobs. The Company has established with an objective to engage in the business of fabrication, machining, development and commissioning related work required mainly for cement plant, power plant, steel plant etc.

TPL Mission

To continuously improve on cycle time reduction and modernization of construction methods applicable for the power process.